Monday, 15 April 2013

Central Saint Martins Short Course Day 4 & 5

Sorry that the last installment of my short course diary has taken so long for me to post, coursework deadlines got in the way but it is all handed in now this is the end of the diary posts.
 On days 4 & 5 we worked on our musical influences project. A main feature of the course was focusing on research so on the thursday and friday we were organizing and compiling all the research we found on our chosen root of the title. I chose to interpret the title by focusing on Jazz in particular in the twenties. I have always been fascinated by this era and above are images of the start of my research sketchbook. I have looked into the charleston dance and the dance moves and shapes created, the art deco stages often used by jazz singers as well as the freedom and happiness dancing and jazz created. Research is a key thing that central saint martins focuses on and something I think I need to work on more as it is something they really look for in a portfolio.

Although I didn't get to finish the project I think I have made a good start and I am going to continue with this project once my AS exams are over. I will let you know how the project continues to develop.

I would just like to say thank you to all the tutors who helped us on the short course, Jane, John and Helen, I thoroughly enjoyed it so much and would recommend anyone who wants to go to CSM or is interested, to go on one of the short courses available.