Monday, 29 April 2013

My Summer Shoes Picks

Clockwise from top left- Asos, Next, Asos, Next

Clockwise from top left- Topshop, Zara, Zara, New Look 

Clockwise from top left- Asos, Zara, Asos, Zara

Just a post to show you some of my shoe picks for the summer. As you can probably tell I am loving monochrome and metallics and I have chosen flat and mid heeled shoes as these I can actually spend the whole day in without my feet killing me. If I had the money I would buy most of these but as I don't I might have a look into buying maybe a couple of pairs for the summer :)

I am doing this post on my iPad for the first time so I am hoping it works okay, I am still working it all out and I tend to be a little slow with technology so I will get there! 
Have a good week
Love Jade xxx

Friday, 26 April 2013

A Bit More Colour...

Finally you are probably thinking Jade is wearing a bright colour, well anyway thats what all my friends said at school today. I haven't ditched all the black yet but I think this orange, white and green combination is a lot brighter than my typical colour palette.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my weekend will be full of revision which I will really not be enjoying but it will all be over a month today so I just have to keep going! 

I am wearing Miss Selfridge leather jacket, Zara top, Topshop skirt, Accessorize bag, Tammy shoes, Fenwick sunglasses and vintage earrings. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Just a quick post as I am about to head off to a life drawing class, but this is is my outfit of the day. Again I kept with quite a monochrome palette with the addition of my green satchel. I felt like this look had quite a pyjama feel to it due to the loose and soft fabrics which were perfect in the warmer weather today. Yes, I am another english blogger talking about the weather but I just can't help it, the sun is finally out!
I am wearing a white shirt from Topshop, Primark swan print trousers, New Look heels, Accessorize earrings and bag (sorry I have used this in the last three posts!) and Fenwicks sunglasses.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sleeves with Volume

This is what I wore to school yesterday. It is probably one of my more casual looks but then casual is sometimes best for a day full of lessons. I bought this Zara top a couple of weeks ago and I love the silhouette it's sleeves create despite having a simplistic design. It hasn't quite warmed up properly yet so I wore a longer sleeved top underneath and my trusty black jeans. To add a dash of colour I had my green satchel and jade necklace. 
I am very excited because I saved up and yesterday bought myself an iPad which I have wanted for ages, I will do a post soon!

I am wearing Zara top, striped River Island top, Topshop jeans, Office boots, Accessorize satchel, Topshop necklace and Fenwick sunglasses. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Todays Look

My outfit from yesterdays post was one of Asos fashion finder's todays looks today and its amazing to have my picture next to Jasmine from Jazzables Diary's, who's blog is one of my must reads.

If you would like to follow my blog you can do it on bloglovin, Asos Fashion Finder, Pinterest or directly from this blog!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Birthday Outfit


So today it is my birthday and I am finally 17!!! Very exciting and I have had a lovely day full of eating way too much cake throughout the school day. This is what I wore today featuring some presents I was given. I am wearing my new dungarees, necklace and bracelet as well as using my new bag! Thank you to all my friends and family for a lovely day and for giving me some lovely presents. 

I am wearing Asos dungarees, River Island striped crop top, Topshop necklace, Bijou Brigette bracelet, Accessorize earrings, River Island flatform sandals and an Accessorize satchel. 

Central Saint Martins Short Course Day 4 & 5

Sorry that the last installment of my short course diary has taken so long for me to post, coursework deadlines got in the way but it is all handed in now this is the end of the diary posts.
 On days 4 & 5 we worked on our musical influences project. A main feature of the course was focusing on research so on the thursday and friday we were organizing and compiling all the research we found on our chosen root of the title. I chose to interpret the title by focusing on Jazz in particular in the twenties. I have always been fascinated by this era and above are images of the start of my research sketchbook. I have looked into the charleston dance and the dance moves and shapes created, the art deco stages often used by jazz singers as well as the freedom and happiness dancing and jazz created. Research is a key thing that central saint martins focuses on and something I think I need to work on more as it is something they really look for in a portfolio.

Although I didn't get to finish the project I think I have made a good start and I am going to continue with this project once my AS exams are over. I will let you know how the project continues to develop.

I would just like to say thank you to all the tutors who helped us on the short course, Jane, John and Helen, I thoroughly enjoyed it so much and would recommend anyone who wants to go to CSM or is interested, to go on one of the short courses available. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Central Saint Martins Short Course- day 3

Third day of the course and today has probably been my favourite so far. Today we did fashion illustration using a live clothed model. I hadn't done this before today, I had done life drawing but this really was very different. I really enjoyed it, we worked on many exercises which were only short 30 seconds or about 5 minutes. Above shows continuous line drawings I did but we also did continuous line silhouettes and  abstract colour blocking. Above is my favourite page I completed today but I will share the other drawings I did at the end of the week when I bring my sketchbook home. 
I found all these exercises quite challenging but really enjoyable as drawing has always been something I enjoy and even find relaxing. Our tutor John Booth, a CSM graduate and tutor on the art foundation course there was really helpful. 
Thanks for reading xxx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Central Saint Martins Short Course- day 2

Second day of the short course and today we spent the time researching for our musical influences project. First we went to the V&A, where we looked round the historical costumes exhibition (permanent exhibition) and took photos and sketches. We then went to the David Bowie Is exhibition. I didn't really know anything about David Bowie before I went but I found the exhibition really interesting. It was quite a large exhibition which you really need at least an hour and a half to look round. What I found most fascinating was how involved Bowie is with all the creative aspects of his career from his costumes to even what is sold at his concerts. His style is so creative and unique it was a great exhibition to go to. 
In the afternoon we went to the CSM Kings Cross campus to visit the library. The new site has only been there for a year and a half but it is an amazing building. I think it used to be an old factory but it is now the site where all the degree courses are taught. Seeing the amazing site really made me want to go there when I go to uni!
Tomorrow we are doing a day of fashion illustration which I am really looking forward to.
Thanks for reading xxx

Monday, 8 April 2013

Central Saint Martin Short Course- day 1

My Robotic Look
My Monochrome Look
My Colour block look
My Extra Terrestrial Look
My Natural forms look
My Form and Fantasy Look
This week I am doing a fashion design short course at Central Saint Martins. Fashion design has always been a passion of mine so doing this course is a really good opportunity. The course I am dong is specifically for 16-18 year olds but there are others available for all ages. 
I am going to try and blog each night this week to show what I am doing each day. So this is day 1. Today I went up to the CSM Back Hill site in Clerkenwell and we started by meeting our tutor Jane Francis and getting to know the group a little bit better. There are 10 of us doing this course and it is really lovely that there are a whole mix of people who come from all over the UK as well as internationally. Today we were working on our first project which you can see above. We were looking to create interesting silhouettes and shapes by cutting out sections of magazines. By manipulating the paper we could create different textures such as pleats as well as working with the printed pattern textures. We were using six themes and I have shown each of my pictures for each of the themes above. The idea of this exercise was to make us more experimental with our ideas as the creations did not have to be wearable just something that was unique and creative. 
I found this exercise really interesting as it allowed us to really try and free our imaginations from trying to create something wearable to creating something experimental and unique. Tomorrow we are researching towards our second project "Musical Influences" which we are working on for the rest of the week. We are heading to the V&A to see the David Bowie exhibition and then to the CSM Kings Cross library to find inspiration. 
I hope that my diary of week can help give a bit more of an insight if you are interested in a similar course, the link to other CSM short courses available are here.
Thanks for reading xxx

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Boucle is one of my favourite materials, I just love the elegance of it. It has texture, can be a mix of colours and has an expensive looking finish to it. Finally boucle... who does not think of the great Coco Chanel, I rest my case! 

I am wearing Mango coat, River Island jeans, New Look ankle boots, Asos Jumper, Forever 21 necklace and Republic bag.

Shopping Haul

The other day I went on a bit of a shopping spree and rather than just posting pictures of what I bought I have made this little YouTube video to show you instead. Its my first video and I haven't quite got the hang of editing or anything yet so bare with me!
Thanks for watching xxx