Sunday, 22 February 2015

Clompy Shoes

I still have a little bit of love for 'ugly' shoes so these I think are a little bit perfect, a little clompy and beautifully shiny. Hope you are having a lovely weekend...

I am wearing M&S jumper, DIYed vintage skirt, MISS SELFRIDGE hat, TAMARIS shoes and DIY bag.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Little Bit Cold Outside

My christmas skirt is back in a more casual set up with long layers and a cosy scarf. As you can probably see it was rather cold when we took these so really I need a big warm coat. The wonderful sacrifices of fashion though. 

I am wearing MANGO jumper and scarf, TOPSHOP skirt, MISS SELFRIDGE shoes and DIY bag. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Snake Boots

Another simple everyday outfit, this time a black and could be oatmeal, could be beige, combination, showing off my new boots. I love their snake print and are so easy to wear to liven up an outfit. What's even better they were £15, which as a student, is a fab bargain. This will have to be short, I have a portfolio to finish and an interview tomorrow (eek), see you soon...

I am wearing ZARA jumper, TOPSHOP jumpsuit and bag and M&S boots.  

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Its been so long, I have had a bit of a crazy month so took a little bit of a blog holiday, but I am back now and have planned some posts so it won't be so long again. 

Back with a little bit of a comfort look, oversized and loose. I read today the best way to pair culottes is with a fitted top and heels realising I was sitting reading it wearing the exact opposite. But I like comfort so an oversized and extremely cosy jumper and flats work much better. 
Well I have more work to get back to, online portfolios and interviews to continue to prepare for, who knew getting into a uni was the hardest part. See you soon

I am wearing ASOS jumper and trousers and TOPSHOP trainers.