Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One of my designs...

Let me introduce you a new face on this blog my beautiful friend Darcy. I was very surprised when I met her today to see her wearing this dress which I made last year. I made around 5 garments for her mum to go in her shop British Design British Made and this one she bought for Darcy as a birthday present. I was so excited to see her wearing one of my creations and definitely assured me that designing clothes was my life's calling. The garments I designed and made were inspired by english roses and I used a blue colour palette as I felt it they fitted with British Design British Made's ethos. I had to photograph Darcy in the dress today when we headed to London and spent the day at the Summer Exhibition in the RA and doing a spot of shopping and I like how she styled the dress with black which contrasted and modernised the vintage print. If you are down the south by the Bexhill coast check out British Design British Made it has a lovely ethos and some unique stock or look at the Facebook page here.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Muted Palette

I am back feels like haven't blogged in ages even though its only been a week! I am back for the summer now apart from five days in Dublin in August so hopefully lots more posts to come. This skirt was one of my holiday purchases which I bought in Pull and Bear and although I don't wear much bodycon I loved its little print. 
I wore this to lunch with some friends today so kept a muted palette (avoiding black though!) to keep the look light and summery. I was wearing my Zara shoes which are just so comfy and the small heel means I can wear them most of the day pain free! 

I am wearing Pull and Bear skirt, New Look t-shirt, Zara shoes, Warehouse bag and vintage jewelry. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

All Packed and Ready...

I'm so excited as you might have guessed I am off on holiday. I am heading down to Nice for a week with a couple of friends and I am leaving the blogging gadgets at home so this is goodbye for now and see you when I get back!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Dropped Waist

Another beautiful hot day which is really helping make the last day of school bearable. It is sports day tomorrow so for those non sporty people like me that means a day of sun bathing and watching others compete. However I am taking part in the egg and spoon race and tug of war just for a bit of fun! 

This is what I wore to school today, when I wear my skater skirt I tend not to tuck tops in as I prefer the more relaxed dropped waist silhouette more related to the twenties to the womanly hourglass fifties silhouette. The boxy cut of this top is perfect for this and cuts off so skims my hips and allows the skirts to flare out still underneath. And I just need to mention these heels, perfect midi heel for daytime and a beautiful summery pink shade.
Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

I am wearing charity shop top, Topshop skater skirt and sunglasses and Zara heels.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

OOTD: A little bit holographic...

This outfit is all about the accessories, a quirky bag and holographic sandals. The bag although not overly practical creates a bit of a statement and is a little bit different which attracted me to it. And I am lovin these silver sandals, the magpie in me just couldn't resist again! 
Looking at these pictures my skin is looking a range of different colours, my chest is still looking rather less tanned than my arms and legs! But I am super excited that I will be in Nice a week today so looking forward to a hopefully impressive sun tan and having a very relaxing time. 

I am wearing New Look dress, Next sandals, Vintage bracelet, Accessorize rings, Topshop sunglasses and bag bought in Hyde Park at Christmas but I have seen on Portobello Road. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Leopard Print

 I was meant to save this top for my holiday next week but I couldn't resist giving it one outing before I put it aside for packing. But the leopard print just called out to me when getting dressed this morning, I am a bit of a magpie for leopard print at the moment. I really liked this print, the green shade and the large design made it all a bit different to the typical leopard print. 
I also finally got some new sunglasses, and seeing as I have been wearing the same pair for about a year it is a nice new change!

I am wearing River Island top, Topshop Jeans, New Look sandals and Topshop sunglasses.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What I'm Wearing

Just a look at what I wore today, this dress is quite old really but I tend to get it out every summer. It has a cute little print which although isn't too clear in these pictures has little dots all over it and when I look at it reminds me of a galaxy print. Another bonus to it is the sleeves and high neck cover up my sunburn from yesterday! Hope your having a lovely week, I am still at school at the moment, less than two weeks to go and it will be the summer holidays!

I am wearing Miss Selfridge dress, New Look sandals, Accessorize rings and Fenwick Sunglasses.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Working a Crop

Working a crop top here which is a bit different for me as I don't usually like to show my stomach. I wasn't going to go too cropped though so a high waisted skirt ensured only a slither of skin is on show. This was a really easy outfit to throw on this morning but I still felt rather elegant. 
You might have noticed I have changed my parting recently to the centre which I have wanted to do for ages but by fringe was too short so looked like curtains when I tried! I still want my hair to get longer but I am glad it's getting to a style I am happier with.

I am wearing River Island striped top and flatforms, vintage skirt, Republic bag and Fenwick sunglasses.