Hello! This is Styled with Glamour and I am Jade. I'm 18 and living in the south east of England. I love to dream big, clothes, shopping, art, sewing, designing, chocolate and my family all say I have way too many shoes and bags, although I would probably disagree! I decided to start this blog after my friend suggested it, probably because she was fed up of my rambling on about fashion, and after reading loads of other fashion blogs I started Styled with Glamour.

The Blog
This blog is my own personal space where I can blog about my own personal style through outfit posts and all the things which inspire me in my day to day life. I do hope that someday this blog can inspire someone else as I have found inspiration from others.
The blog name came from my love of all things glamourous especially forties and fifties fashion where I just love that everyone made an effort and always looked lovely.

If you wish to contact me: styledwithglamour@gmail.com