Monday, 8 April 2013

Central Saint Martin Short Course- day 1

My Robotic Look
My Monochrome Look
My Colour block look
My Extra Terrestrial Look
My Natural forms look
My Form and Fantasy Look
This week I am doing a fashion design short course at Central Saint Martins. Fashion design has always been a passion of mine so doing this course is a really good opportunity. The course I am dong is specifically for 16-18 year olds but there are others available for all ages. 
I am going to try and blog each night this week to show what I am doing each day. So this is day 1. Today I went up to the CSM Back Hill site in Clerkenwell and we started by meeting our tutor Jane Francis and getting to know the group a little bit better. There are 10 of us doing this course and it is really lovely that there are a whole mix of people who come from all over the UK as well as internationally. Today we were working on our first project which you can see above. We were looking to create interesting silhouettes and shapes by cutting out sections of magazines. By manipulating the paper we could create different textures such as pleats as well as working with the printed pattern textures. We were using six themes and I have shown each of my pictures for each of the themes above. The idea of this exercise was to make us more experimental with our ideas as the creations did not have to be wearable just something that was unique and creative. 
I found this exercise really interesting as it allowed us to really try and free our imaginations from trying to create something wearable to creating something experimental and unique. Tomorrow we are researching towards our second project "Musical Influences" which we are working on for the rest of the week. We are heading to the V&A to see the David Bowie exhibition and then to the CSM Kings Cross library to find inspiration. 
I hope that my diary of week can help give a bit more of an insight if you are interested in a similar course, the link to other CSM short courses available are here.
Thanks for reading xxx