Thursday, 21 February 2013

Today's Look

How is your week going? I am on half term at the moment but have been spending most of the time studying as got so much work to do and my AS mocks in March. To compensate the boredom today I stocked up on magazines, two of my favourites Look and Company to read during my breaks and to catch up with all the fashion news and gossip, probably one of my favourite things to do on a cold day like today. If you get a spare minute check out teenystyle a website for teenage fashion, you can upload looks and fashion tips as well as read other posts by other teens on the latest trends. I uploaded  a look from this post!

Today I am wearing one of my favourite coats, I just love the bright colour and the 60s shape. I kept a sleek silhouette underneath with super skinny jeans (the softest I have ever known!) and a fitted black jumper. I am just wishing for summer!

I am wearing a TU coat I bought off Ebay, an Asos jumper, Topshop Jeans, Tammy heels, Republic bag and a H Samuel necklace.