Wednesday, 13 February 2013


These are some recent purchases I have made, what do you think of them? 
1. The Sartorialist Closer- Really lovely book from The Sartorialist blog full of street style photography- I will do a post soon on my favourites.
2. Republic bag- Classic chain style bag to fill the gap in my bag collection.
3. Accessorize gloves- I feel like I have grown up now I have a pair of leather gloves, much more sophisticated than my stripy wool ones. 

These will be my last purchases in a while as I have (for some crazy reason) decided to give up buying clothes and accessorizes for lent, not because I am religious but because I think my debit card really needs it and everyone is always telling me that I have to start saving for the future. I am honestly dreading it already I am such a shopaholic! What have you given up?

Love Jade xxx