Thursday, 15 November 2012

Throwing on clothes...

Coat- Debenhams / Jumper- Primark / Skirt- Topshop / Belt and Earrings- Primark / Shoes- New Look
Happy Thursday!!!
Putting outfits together rather quickly at 7:15 in the morning is becoming a daily occurance as I can never find the time to lay my clothes out the night before. Instead I end up throwing on the first outfit I think of and hoping that it looks ok when I have woken up properly. This is what I ended up throwing on today, I always try to look a little bit different from everyone else but not too different that people point and laugh in the corridors. I decided to wear this skirt today which can be quite formal but with a knitted striped jumper and wedged ankle boots is more casual. Finally I belted the jumper under my swing coat to define my waist.
I have had this coat for many years and as I grew in this time I added on the fur cuffs to make the sleeves longer. It was a super simple process and great for just reinventing an old item.
Love Jade xxx