Monday, 12 November 2012

Biba and Beyond

Yesterday having Sunday off, I headed down to Brighton to the Biba and Beyond exhibition at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. I am so glad I made it down there. The exhibition told the story of the iconic Biba brand and the life of its iconic designer Barbara Hulanicki. It was really fascinating how she built up the brand from a single shop in Brighton to a huge department store in London.
As well as being really successful she is a hugely talented lady, her illustrations are beautiful- I wouldn't mind the Audrey Hepburn illustration myself! Her designs showed how fashion has renewed- I would love to get my hands on most of her creations- and how many trends can be seen again now.
Finally what I loved most about her designs is how wearable they were and are, they are unique and quirky yet I could imagine wearing them and feeling stylish but comfortable.
I really recommend heading down to it if you get the chance!
Love Jade xxx