Friday, 21 December 2012

Living Through The End Of The World

Coat- Debanhams / Turtle Neck- H&M / Dungarees- Topshop / Fur Scarf- Charity Shop originally John Lewis / Bag- Charity Shop originally Marks and Spencer / Ankle Boots- New Look / Jewelry- Accessorize
So much for the end of the world, we are all still here and going strong.
Actually I am not going very strong at the moment having caught the coughy coldy virus thing that's going round at school. Just what I wanted before christmas. So right now I am curled up in a thick scarf and many layers hoping I will get my voice back in time for not just work tomorrow but of course christmas.
As from my last post I expressed my love for dungarees and my dad very kindly bought me these Topshop dungarees for speech day I had last week where I got my GCSE's and prizes. But I couldn't resist wearing them before hand so this is what I wore last weekend, I paired the dungarees with a turtle neck, thick tights and a furry warm scarf for the chill in the air.
Have a lovely weekend
Love Jade xxx