Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pearl Collar Necklace

Hello! How's your week going? 
I took these photos a little while ago not long after I posted the tutorial on how to make the pearl collar necklace I am wearing (find it here) and for some reason I didn't get round to posting them.
I am so happy it is the Easter Holidays now, I am looking forward to doing some shopping, eating probably twice my body size in chocolate and being able to dedicate some more time to this blog. I was thinking of having a go at a YouTube video so if you have any suggestions of what you would like me to do let me know! 

I am wearing Miss Selfridge leather jacket (still in store and such a classic piece), boycotting skinnies with bootcut River Island jeans (desperately looking for some flared ones!), New Look ankle boots, Select top, Accessorize gloves, Republic bag, sorry it has been in so many outfits recently it just seems to go with everything, Olivia Burton watch and necklace made by me.

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