Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nightwear and DIY espadrilles

Everytime I wear this playsuit my Dad likes to make the 'are you going out in your nightie?'  joke. Ah what we do for fashion, nightwear as daywear, underwear as outerwear the list goes on. I was glad for the looseness of this playsuit today in the heat and I still love its throw on easiness that it  has. 
I just have to mention my DIY espadrilles, I have had them a few years now and they were feeling rather dull so I decided to bling them up. I was meant to go out and buy new gems but I decided to sew on an earring as decoration. I have only attracted them temporarily with a few stitches so I can swap round earrings and crystals to create new designs. I was really pleased with the outcome actually and although they aren't as exciting as the Chanel espadrilles I will continue to lust over they are a modern alternative to the plain navy design they were before.

I am wearing Pull and Bear playsuit, Office espadrilles DIYed with vintage earrings and Topshop sunglasses.